Spiciest Chicken Sandwich in Sonoma County

I got to try the spiciest chicken sandwich in Sonoma County. Daniel from Union Hotel hired my advertising agency, Createsburg to help brand and launch their new Ghost Kitchen concept-Hot Chix Santa Rosa. I am a huge fan of Spicy Chicken Sandwiches and while shooting ads for the launch, I asked if I could vlog people trying the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. They agreed and this is the vlog.


Santa Rosa, CA



5 Levels of Heat

Hot Chix Santa Rosa has 5 different heat levels for everyone to enjoy. The heat levels are mild, medium, hot, super hot and “Call Yo’ Mama” hot. This vlog captures people in Santa Rosa trying the Call Yo’ Mama Hot Chix Chicken Sandwich. Internally they call Call Yo’ Mama “Level 5 Heat”.

The “Level 5 Heat” Call Yo Mama!

The level 5 heat is their special blend but what gives it the kick is the Ghost Pepper. Ghost Pepper is 400 times hotter than tabasco sauce. The people in the kitchen were saying that the peppers they use to make the sandwiches hot, are the same pepper that pepper spray is made out of.

Hottest Chicken Sandwich in Santa Rosa, CA

Formula 1

The chef and owners had finalized everything besides the level 5 chicken sandwich. Their brave friends tried the Level 5 chicken sandwich and to everyone’s surprise, it wasn’t “Call Yo’ Mama” hot.

Formula 2

After seeing that formula 1 wasn’t “Call Yo’ Mama” hot, they altered the recipe a little bit. The second formula which is the one that you can buy was a lot hotter. Some of the same people that tried the first formula, tried the second one and agreed that the second one was a lot hotter.

Spiciest Chicken Sandwich in Sonoma County

I Tried the Spiciest Sandwich in Sonoma County

I wouldn’t be No Chill Mustafa if I didn’t get in on the fun. After seeing so many people try the level 5 Spicy Chicken Sandwich, I took a bite. Not being a big spicy food person, the sandwich was too spicy for me. I don’t think I can finish an entire one.


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Did anyone finish?

No one finished an entire Call Yo’ Mama sandwich. After trying it, I believe that people can finish the entire thing if they pace themselves. The heat builds up but fades away after 5 minutes. If you did 1/4 or 1/8 of the sandwich at a time with breaks and other food in between, you could probably finish the entire sandwich.

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