Sam’s Anchor Cafe

Sam's Anchor Cafe in Tiburon

🌅🍽️ Sam’s Anchor Cafe: Where Atmosphere Meets Taste 🌊

During our trip to Angel Island, My wife, son and I found the perfect stop in Tiburon before heading back home. Not too far from San Francisco, this charming town offers multiple dining options with breathtaking views.
After looking through reviews, we decided to go to the most reviewed restaurant in Tiburon-Sam’s Anchor Cafe. From the moment you step into this iconic cafe, you’re met with not just the buzz of animated chatter and laughter, but with the serene sights of boats docked on the bay before you. Ah, nothing beats savoring a good meal while taking in the fresh ocean breeze!

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Blue Cheese Lovers

The Blue Cheese Garlic Bread was something else. If you are a blue cheese lover, I can confidently declare this to be one of the best Blue Cheese dishes I’ve ever had. The sharpness of the blue cheese complemented perfectly with the mellow, roasted garlic. It’s an absolute must-try.

Some of the Best Cioppino

The star dish of this restaurant was the Cioppino. A rich seafood stew teeming with a variety of fish, clams, and shrimp, simmered in a luscious tomato and wine broth. It was a bowl of heaven, so irresistible that it led to a playful tussle between my wife and I. (Note to self: order separate bowls next time!)

Cioppino Sign at Sam's Anchor Cafe

A Century Old Tradition

It’s no surprise that the food here is outstanding. With a legacy spanning over a century, Sam’s Anchor Cafe has perfected the art of delivering mouthwatering dishes time and again. The place hums with stories, history, and the kind of character that only time can infuse.

Next Time I Go

I regret not taking as many pictures are I could have while I was there.

For those venturing to Tiburon, make sure Sam’s Anchor Cafe is on your list. It’s a place you have to visit at least once. Whether you’re there for the food, the view, or the vivacious atmosphere, this gem promises an experience you’ll remember long after your meal is over.

And when you’re there, remember – two bowls of Cioppino are always better than one! 🦐🍲😉

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