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Dollar Oysters
Mandarin Kitchen Santa Rosa

Can you still get $1 oysters in Sonoma County?
Mandarin Kitchen in Santa Rosa’s Montgomery Village offers $1 mini-oysters Mon-Thurs.

The Oysters

The oysters served are high quality oysters. How are they able to provide high quality oysters are such a low price point? They’re mini oysters.

These oysters are served on a bed of ice with garnish and salt on the side. If you are from the Santa Rosa area, these oysters are reminiscent of the oysters specials they had years ago at their sister restaurant Sea Thai Noodle Bar in Coddingtown Mall.

More than Oysters

As you have probably already seen in the previous post about Mandarin Kitchen, this restaurant has something for everyone.
We took advantage of their Happy Bites Menu and tried multiple items like their scallop tacos and deep fried oyster tacos. If you’re an oyster lover, you have to try the deep fried oyster tacos. Biting into a soft oyster with a hard shell it a truly unique experience.


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Happy Bites Menu

Mandarin Kitchen’s Happy Bites Menu is available all-day everyday. Other items included in their Happy Bites menu are steamy shumai, fried chicken, and samosas. The fried chicken is perfectly cooked as you would expect from restaurants of this caliber. The nice thing about these types of restaurants is that you can pick just about anything and you know that it will be good.

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Drink Specials

If you’re into drinks, make sure you try some of Mandarin Kitchen’s Drink Specials. Their detailed oriented drinks are on par with their delicious food. Also like their food menu, their drink menu has something for just about everyone.

Instagram Worthy Decor

Don’t forget to take your selfies and group photos. Every corner of this restaurant looks like and Instagram backdrop. It’s nice to have a place with this type of decor in Sonoma County.

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