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Mandarin Kitchen Santa Rosa

Craving Asian Fusion Delights? Discover the Culinary Magic of Mandarin Kitchen in Santa Rosa! 🍽️✨

This Asian Fusion gem in Santa Rosa promises an unforgettable culinary journey. Nestled within the charming Montgomery Village, this restaurant is a haven for food enthusiasts seeking an exquisite Asian fusion experience that marries the spirit of the Bay Area with the rich flavors of Sonoma County. 📸🌸

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Stepping into Mandarin Kitchen

As we stepped into Mandarin Kitchen, the vibrant and beautifully decorated ambiance instantly caught our eye. Every corner seemed like it was designed for Instagrammers seeking the perfect snapshot of their gastronomic adventure. The fusion of Bay Area vibes with the essence of Sonoma County created an inviting atmosphere that set the stage for a memorable dining experience.


Sonoma County



Asian Fusion

Our culinary exploration commenced appetizers that heralded the feast of flavors to come. The Shumai and fish dumplings were a delightful introduction, showcasing the artistry of Asian cuisine. Following this, the Vietnamese Crepe took center stage with its explosion of authentic flavors—a symphony of tastes that danced across our taste buds. Be warned, this dish is a filling masterpiece, so be prepared to savor every bite! 🌍🍜

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Kung Pao Ribeye

Yet, the true superstar of the evening was the Kung Pao Ribeye—a dish that redefined the very essence of a ribeye steak. This unexpected blend of Kung Pao flavors with the succulent ribeye was nothing short of culinary brilliance. The ribeye, cooked to perfection, was elevated by the exquisite sauce that brought together the tender meat and vibrant veggies. Who would have thought that Kung Pow could lend such a level of deliciousness to a ribeye steak? 🥩🌶️
*Note, this dish is not as spicy as other Kung Pao dishes you might have had but they can bring up the heat at your request.

More than Kung Pao

Mandarin Kitchen’s allure extends far beyond its Kung Pow Ribeye. The menu boasts a diverse array of Asian-inspired dishes, each crafted to perfection. From traditional favorites to innovative twists, there’s something to suit every palate and curiosity. The experience is a culinary passport that invites you to traverse the flavors of Asia without leaving the comfort of your seat.

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