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Grata Windsor

Grata Windsor is located at 186 Windsor River Rd, Windsor, CA in the Windsor Town Green Area. This Modern Italian Restaurant serves mouthwatering dishes using primarily local ingredients.

Beautifully Decorated

As you step into Grata, you’re greeted by an exquisite interior that seamlessly blends chic aesthetics with a modern twist. Every corner boasts an Instagram-worthy ambiance, adorned with captivating backdrops and stylish decor that resonates with millennial vibes. 🌟📸 The atmosphere itself is a masterpiece, inviting you to dine amidst an artistic haven. 🍽️✨

Local Ingredients

At Grata, the heart of their culinary philosophy lies in celebrating the richness of our local region. Their dedication to sourcing ingredients from nearby purveyors imparts a unique local essence to each creation. This essence is most palpable in their specials and seasonal delights. While perennial favorites like the Wise Acre Farm Eggs grace the menu year-round, others join the ensemble in harmony with the changing seasons. 🍅🥕 Among these delights, the renowned Tagliatelle takes center stage. Elevated by the richness of Wise Acre Farm Eggs, this dish is a true culinary masterpiece—a testament to their unwavering commitment to the finest local ingredients. 🍝🌱

The Best Tagliatelle

Among the many tagliatelle dishes I’ve savored over time, Grata’s creation stands as my favorite thus far. Their rendition of fresh tagliatelle showcases a delightful combination of pancetta, roasted maitake mushrooms, a velvety garlic cream sauce, and a crowning touch of a Wise Acre yolk. 🍝🍄💫

The true symphony of flavors comes alive when the yolk is delicately broken and melded into the pasta—a gustatory dance of textures and tastes that’s nothing short of delightful. And for those seeking a playful twist, dipping the pasta into the yolk adds a whimsical charm to the experience. 🍳✨ Grata’s tagliatelle is a captivating masterpiece that’s a must-try for any food enthusiast.


Sonoma County




Octopus Steak

The octopus steak emerged as a visual masterpiece. Its striking presentation prompted a flurry of messages in my Instagram DMs, with fellow food enthusiasts eagerly inquiring about my location. The reality certainly lives up to the aesthetics—the dish is as exquisite in taste as it appears. 🐙🔥

Octopus dishes done right are a rarity in Sonoma County, making this culinary creation a true local standout. 🍴🌟

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Grata Drinks

Grata also boasts an impressive selection of delectable drinks. When I brought my wife along to sample their libations, the espresso martini left a lasting impression on her. Beyond this, their expansive bar menu features a diverse range of expertly crafted mixed drinks that cater to varied preferences. 🍸☕🍹

Lunch Specials

The owners shared that they offer an extensive array of lunch menu options. Regrettably, I was too satiated to partake in further indulgence, but I’m definitely looking forward to exploring their lunch specials in the near future. 🍽️🥗🥪

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