Sonoma County Ghost Town Wingo, California

Sonoma County Ghost Town Wingo, California is located just south of Sonoma. In the 1800’s Wingo was a bustling town. Steamships used to transport passengers from San Francisco to Wingo. The San Francisco travelers would then travel by land to the town of Sonoma.


Sonoma County



Steamships in Sonoma County

The steam station steamships used to transport people from San Francisco to Wingo, CA was called “Norfolk”. Rumor has it that during those days some people used Wingo and Norfolk interchangeably. Eventually the name was permanently changed to Wingo.

The Golden Gate Bridge and Car Culture

During the 1940’s people started to leave Wingo. After the Golden Gate Bridge was built, many people stopped using steamboats to travel into Sonoma County. The popularity of American Car Culture coupled with new roads eventually lead to the decline of Wingo.

Sonoma County Ghost Town Wingo

Duck Hunters and Fishermen

Wingo is still a popular spot for fishermen and duck hunters. I first heard about the town via Instagram from someone paddling their kayak through the area. When I went the water was low but most images that I’ve seen have higher water. According to someone that watched the YouTube video they used to go hunting there as a kid. He said, “Wingo was used by market hunters in the early 1900s, they’d shoot hundreds of ducks and sell them to the hotels in San Francisco.”

How long will Sonoma County Ghost Town Wingo be around?

We were careful not to trespass. There were a couple building that looked like they had been somewhat renovated. The only buildings that we went inside were the buildings that had no doors. A lot of the buildings we went inside had signs of people drinking and partying inside of them.

California Ghost Town Wingo

What Happened to Wingo’s Water?

According to Wikipedia a lot of the water in the Wingo area was “diked” to create agricultural areas. This makes sense because half of the road walking to the ghost town in next to vineyards.


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Lady with the Shotgun

After my visit to Wingo, I heard the “Urban Tale” about a lady with a shotgun that stays there. According to this tale a lady squats in one of the buildings and has kicked a few people out of Wingo. When the unwelcome visitors tried to go inside one of the buildings, the lady held a shotgun to their faces and told them to get out. We did not run into the lady but there are definitely signs of some one living there.

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