Iphone 12 for Vlogging

Is the Iphone 12 a good option for vloggers? Is the telephoto camera stabilized? How can I color grade the HDR footage so people with non-HDR screens can see it?


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The Iphone 12 Questions

Before getting the Iphone 12 Pro Max I was full of questions. I looked for simple solutions all over YouTube but I couldn’t find the information that I was looking for. As soon as I got the phone I decided to make a short video about the Iphone 12 Pro Max to answer all the questions that I had.

Is the Telephoto Lens Stabilized?

The answer is yes. I spent around two hours sifting through click-bait articles and click bait videos trying and find out if the telephoto lens was stabilized.

Iphone 12 Test Footage for Vlog

Exporting in a Format Everyone Can View (Rec. 709)

I was also curious about how I could color grade the footage on DaVinci Resolve and export in a format that everyone could enjoy, not just Iphone 12 users.

The answer to color grading was a lot easier to find and there were a lot of tutorials on how to set up the color space for a rec. 709 export. Being familiar in working with RAW files, this was a little more straight forward.

Is the Iphone 12 Pro Max a good option for vloggers?

I love it and I love what I can do with the colors. The unfortunate part about the phone while I vlogged was the audio. Even in light wind the camera picked up noise. The tests I ran during this vlog were primarily to see how the colors held up. I am going to give the Iphone 12 Pro Max a couple more vlogs and see now the audio holds up. Worst case scenario I can mount a mic on it.

Iphone 12 video footage

Three Cameras

Having 3 cameras is very convenient. The telephoto camera doesn’t zoom as much as you would think but it is great for shooting subjects at mid-distances. The “normal” wide lens along with the “ultra wide” and “telephoto” give you everything you need to efficiently tell your story.


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How do the colors hold up?

The colors hold up great. I was impressed that I was able to select skin tones in the same way I would with BRAW footage. Again, I haven’t done any night time tests but the colors were as flexible and I needed them to be.

Vlogging Equipment

Curious to see what my complete vlogging setup looks like? Click here to find out!


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